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      Tel:+86-15924019675    E-mail:sukidong@tropicaltuna.cn

      Other matters to be explained

      Hangzhou Chuangda Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for drawing design, equipment manufacturing and procurement

      Hangzhou Chuangda Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for drawing design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, material supply and installation of environmental protection facilities of the project. Commissioning guidance and personnel training. Ningbo Yuanda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was entrusted to prepare the environmental protection acceptance test report for the completion of the construction project.

      On the afternoon of November 30, 2017, the company organized and held an environmental protection acceptance meeting on the completion of the technical transformation project of the new tuna fish production capacity of Zhoushan jiabico Food Co., Ltd. The units participating in the acceptance include Zhejiang dongtianhong Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Chuangda Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yuanda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and experts. The acceptance experts and participants checked the implementation of environmental protection measures on site and listened to the introduction of the modification project by relevant units. The acceptance team reviewed and verified the relevant data, and finally passed the acceptance after questioning and discussion.

      The company actively ensures the normal operation of environmental protection treatment equipment and facilities to ensure the stable and up to standard discharge of pollutants. According to the Interim Measures for acceptance of environmental protection upon completion of construction projects, the acceptance report and format have been revised and improved, relevant information has been made public and accepted social supervision.


      December 15, 2017

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